September 30, 2022

Chamblee’s only strip club, Follies loses court case

Bad news for Atlanta men.

Follies, one of the Atlanta area’s most famous strip club, has lost a court case against the city of Chamblee. For several months, the club’s owners and city authorities were involved in a legal battle. Follies alleged that local ordinances were planned to force the closure of the famous men’s club.

Authorities revoked the liquor license, forced Follies to close after midnight, and did everything possible to have the strip club closed forever. The club accused city officials of violating civil rights and imposing strict laws that went against individual liberties.

Although city residents showed their support for Follies, a judge has ruled in favor of the city of Chamblee. All this seems to be a dirty move by the authorities to destroy the only strip club in the city.

“This is an abuse of power, the local government should be concerned about more serious things and not about a few niggas requesting a lap dance. We will protest if necessary, but we will not allow this.” said a source who declined to reveal his identity.

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