March 27, 2023

7% of the NBA is sick with Coronavirus

The NBA has announced that nine more players tested positive for coronavirus last week. Those positive tests, found between June 24 and 29, bring the total figure to 25 players in a group of 351, 7% of the total, who have been evaluated since June 23.

Last week there were 16 cases among the teams that will travel to Disney World to resume competition. The League also said that 10 of the 884 team staff members tested were positive for the coronavirus.

Commissioner Adam Silver said earlier this week that the NBA is evaluating players on a daily basis and that he remains “fairly confident” about the League’s plan to resume play safely.

“This virus is unpredictable. The NBA and the players union analyze the data on a daily basis. If there was anything to change that was outside the scope of what we are playing, we would certainly review our plans. We have not put a precise number, but if if we had a lot of cases, it would be a cause to stop the plan.”

The NBA has arranged seven training fields and will be played in three wards during quarantine. It will also provide meals, daily coronavirus tests and other medical supports, security, transportation and entertainment to the more than 1,500 people who can congregate in the bubble.

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