March 22, 2023

NBA would pay Disney $ 150 million to use its sports complex in Orlando

That’s a lot of money for Mickey Mouse!

NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver, had anticipated that preparing the “bubble” in Orlando, where the league competition interrupted by the coronavirus pandemic is expected to resume, was going to cost them “a lot of money” and this Wednesday it was already known that spending could exceed $ 150 million.

The NBA decided that 22 teams, with a delegation of 35 people, including players and coaches each, to be housed in three resorts of the amusement complex, which is closed to the public, starting next week.

All sports activity will take place on seven training fields and there will be three other main ones where matches will be played during quarantine.

It also provides meals, daily coronavirus testing, and other medical, security, transportation, and entertainment support for more than 1,500 people during the development of the new competition schedule that has been established with eight regular-season games defining the final playoff positions.

The league expects to lose more than $ 1 billion in revenue due to the coronavirus, the sources said, even before considering the cost of ending the season in Orlando.

However, by playing 88 regular-season games and four playoff rounds, the league will protect itself from having bigger losses.

Also, players will retain more than $ 600 million in salary that could have been lost if the season is canceled, and NBA teams protected significant revenue from television rights that they would not have received with the cancellation.

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