Lakers announce the signing of J.R. Smith to reinforce the team

He is very excited to play alongside LeBron James again.

The Lakers have just made the signing of J.R. Smith, former LeBron James sitemate. J.R. Smith has signed until the end of the season and will be in the tournament that will resume in Orlando starting July 31. It is official.

For a few weeks now, the interest of the King James team in the escort has been revealed. Whoever was a teammate in the Cavs, will be reunited with an old friend. The recent loss of Avery Bradley, who competes in the same position as Smith, forced the Lakers to look for new options to cover that loss.

Despite having Dion Waters, who landed just before the pandemic erupted, Smith’s arrival will add an extra defense to an already defensive team.

J.R. Smith was an important piece for Cleveland in 2016, LeBron James and his champion ring certify it. His defensive work and his success from the three-point line was essential for the Cavs to overcome a final they had lost (3-1).

There is no doubt that the 34-year-old shooting guard has always played his best basketball under the supervision of LeBron, who is now in L.A.

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