March 24, 2023

He is angry! Ice Cube demands that the media retract for accusing him of being anti-Semitic

Messing with an OG is not a good idea.

Ice Cube has asked his lawyers to issue a cessation letter against various media outlets for accusing him of being anti-semitic. The document alleges that if he does not receive a public apology, he will sue them for defamation.

This controversy dates back several days, when Cube was accused by The Daily Beast of spreading anti-semitic propaganda and ordering his security team to beat up a rabbi.

This incident dated back to 2015, when Ice Cube and his security team were allegedly outside the MGM casino in Detroit. According to information released by The Daily Beast, Ice Cube was upset that the rabbi was wearing a yarmulke.

But it seems that the Amerikkka’s Most Wanted will no longer tolerate the media continuing to stain his name. In a harsh cessation letter, his lawyers made it clear that Ice Cube will take legal action if he do not receive a public apology.

“We are disgusted that you each recklessly chose to publish this garbage,” the letter reads. “Enough is enough. During this time of national dialogue concerning the equality of Black Americans, you each made a conscious choice to fan the flames of hatred and division by repeating known, discredited lies and scurrilous claims.”

“The idea Cube is anti-Semitic is laughable, as anyone who knows this man can attest … we hereby demand immediate retractions and an apology to Ice Cube for the damage already done to his reputation.”

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