March 22, 2023

Fans Cancel Snoop Dogg For Collaborating With Kanye West (Trump’s Great Defender)

Fans think that The Doggfather is a hypocrite for collaborating with Ye‘.

Snoop Dogg used his Instagram account to share several photos from his most recent studio session; it was a pleasant surprise to see Kanye West and Dr. Dre alongside Snoop making new music. However, some fans seemed to disagree with this collaboration.

Kanye West has been one of the biggest advocates of the current President of the United States, despite numerous criticisms Kanye has repeatedly reaffirmed his support for Trump. In 2018, a photograph went viral where Kanye West wore the (MAGA) red cap.

On the other hand, Snoop Dogg has been a critic of Donald Trump since day one. According to Snoop’s own statements, Donald Trump must be considered a racist as well as all the people who support him, which also included Kanye West.

As expected, fans used their Twitter accounts to express their disappointment that Snoop Dogg was a “hypocrite” and was collaborating with someone so close to Donald Trump.

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