Lil Yatchy survives car crash and his 300k $ Ferrari is damaged

Lil Yatchy was close to death.

On Monday, June 22, Lil Yatchy was quietly driving his Ferrari 488 on the Atlanta interstate when he had a very close encounter with death. Luckily, and almost miraculously, the 22-year-old rapper survived without a scratch.

Yachty crashed into the left median concrete wall, then spun seven lanes of traffic before hitting the right concrete wall. The car finally stopped between the right emergency lane and the seventh lane.

His car, a Ferrari 488 that Yatchi himself boasts of having paid $ 300k for the car, was partially wrecked. Fortunately, Lil Yatchy was unhurt from the accident.

When the police arrived at the scene, Yatchy said he did not remember anything after losing control of the car. However, witnesses claimed that Lil Yatchy was driving at a very high speed.

The crash caused heavy traffic jams for much of the afternoon.

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