March 24, 2023

Hurricane Chris is released from prison after posting $ 500,000 bail, charged with second-degree murder

He is free but the investigation is still ongoing.

Christopher Dooley, A.K.A Hurricane Chris, has been released from prison after posting a bail of $ 500,000.

It all started on June 19 when Dooley was arrested for shooting a man who allegedly wanted to steal his car from a service station in Shreveport, Louisiana.

According to the police report, Dooley claims that he shot in self-defense after a brief struggle with the subject who (according to him) was trying to steal his car.

The man received several gunshot wounds and, although he was taken to the hospital, he died from the shooting.

However, the police are not sure that Dooley is telling the truth. According to various reports, detectives have obtained a video that clearly shows that Dooley did not act in self-defense. Additionally, the car Dooley was trying to defend was reported stolen in Texas.

Over the weekend, Dooley’s attorney released a press release alleging that his client was confident that “Justice will be done and the investigation will prove him innocent.”

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