John Legend’s New Album – “Bigger Love”

Pop / R&B singer John Legend has just released his 7th studio album, titled Bigger Love. “Actions speak louder than, speak louder than love songs,” sings Legend on the track, “Actions.” This album explores social issues, and the experience of Black Americans in today’s modern age – fitting for the times.

Some of the album’s guest appearances include Rapsody, Gary Clark Jr., and Koffee. Legend’s goal is to sing about topics that hit deep, rather than to simply push out traditional love songs.

“Bigger Love,” the album’s title track, boasts a catchy pop back-beat. The production utilizes synthetic instruments in a simplistic, Top 40 kind of way. This song is very different from the piano-based tracks of Legend’s, such as his hit, “All of Me.” “Bigger Love” features brilliant, soprano backing vocals by singer Natalie Imani, as well as a unique type of music video compiled of dancers from around the world. Check it out:


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