March 22, 2023

Keys on the Move – Mobile Musicians Bring Joy from Back of Truck

Last month, musicians Josh Kanusky and Tuck Ryan decided to spread some musical joy throughout Lancaster. They purchased a flat-bed truck and secured a drumset and a full upright piano to the top of it. Armed with microphones and amps, they drove through neighborhoods, calling themselves the “Keys on the Move.”

Pianist and vocalist Tuck Ryan’s vocals are powerful, rugged, and bluesy. They bring a much-needed element of soul to the city.

The idea for “Keys on the Move” sprouted amidst quarantine. These musicians found a way to spread music, even during social distancing.

The movement quickly grew, and three trucks are set to be deployed tomorrow [June 19, 2020].

The first truck will stage Tuck Ryan [keys and vocals], Jackson Trout [drums], and Caden Myers [bass]. On the second will be Americana “Dillweed” [who has played 100 livestream concerts since the beginning of COVID-19]. On the third truck will be Emmanuel Nsingani [“Best Jazz Artist” award at the inaugural Central PA Music Hall of Fame]. Nsingani’s truck will also serve as a co-production of Church World Services [in celebration of World Refugee Day].

What ways have you found to play music while remaining at a healthy distance from others? Comment below.


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