December 4, 2022

Juicy J claims to always carry several guns with him and that he would shoot if necessary

He’s a guy you don’t want to fuck with.

Juicy J has been a trend since yesterday due to controversial statements. Last night the rapper used his Twitter account to answer the questions his fans asked him, during the session, he revealed that he always carries several guns with him and that he is ready to shoot.

In a tweet that has already been deleted, Juicy J said: “I never tried to be some tough guy for attention but I keep 3 straps on me at all times & I will shoot if I have to I don’t care about jail.”

“Nobody wants to go to jail. I have a friend of mine doing life but if you are in a situation kill or be killed you wouldn’t have time to worry about jail.”

As expected, his tweets generated a lot of controversy among his fans, who asked him to rap about positive things and that in the current situation, it was not a good idea to refer to violence.

To stop all the chaos that had been generated, Juicy decided to delete his tweets before fans continued to misinterpret the message he wanted to give.

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