March 24, 2023

How to Submit Your Music to Spotify Exclusive Playlists

Spotify is currently the largest giant in the music industry, with 286 million monthly active listeners. Artists can use this platform to launch themselves into a new audience tier [and increase traffic exponentially]. The best way to do this is to receive placement on a Spotify-owned playlist. While anyone can create playlists of their own, Spotify’s own, exclusive playlists gain the most daily traffic.

Spotify company employees hand curate the music that makes it onto their playlists, so if someone promises that they can, “get you onto one if you pay,” it’s a scam.

For a chance to be hand-selected by Spotify, you must submit your music directly to Spotify. Read on to find out how:

  1. Upload your music to Spotify via your chosen distributor [I use]. Be sure to set a release date so that your music does not instantly go live on Spotify once it is received. The further in the future your release date is, the better the chance you have at making it onto a Spotify playlist. [Spotify receives over 20,000 songs a day that need to be sifted through. That’s a lot of music!]

2. Claim your Spotify for Artists profile at

3. Decide which tracks are your favorite.

4. Log in to your Spotify Artist Page. Go to “Music” and then to “Upcoming” [see picture below]:

5. Select your track[s] for submission and follow the directions on the screen. [Note: You can only submit BEFORE your track is actually released.] Spotify will have you fill out a form describing the music’s mood, genre, etc.

6. Click “Submit!”

Check out this video for more tips from Spotify:

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