March 27, 2023

George Floyd was a Houston Rapper and Hip-Hop Artist

This week, George Floyd was buried in Houston, Texas [his home town]. Friends and family remember the music that he made, under the name of Big Floyd.

George Floyd rapped in a “chopped and screwed” style – as made famous by DJ Screw. “Chopped and screwed” is a slowed-down version of rap and freestyle. DJ Screw actually knew Floyd personally – they collaborated.

George Floyd [aka Big Floyd] was raised in Houston, Texas’ Third Ward. This is also the same area that Beyoncé Knowles is from. Houston’s Third Ward is home to Houston’s rap and hip-hop scene. The above mural was done in Houston as a tribute to George Floyd, who was involved in the Screwed Up Click music collective there.

About Big Floyd’s music, Texas music writer Kiana Fitzgerald says: “I wish that I had been able to appreciate [his music] when he was alive. Big Floyd was just a big, affable character. I think you can hear it in its freestyles: He just loved to have fun. He loved to joke around. And he was also pretty serious on the mic as well. He was someone that wasn’t afraid to talk about what was going on in his life.”


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