March 22, 2023

Young Buck is in his worst bankruptcy

He will need more than 50 cents to get out of this.

Young Buck, a rapper known for being part of the G-Unit, is in a dire financial situation. The rapper has had to rely on his girlfriend to support himself.

According to bankruptcy reports, Young Buck claims to have no property, money in the bank, or cash in his pockets, all he owns is the clothes he wears (valued at $ 100) and his jewelry (also valued at $ 100).

On the other hand, the rapper claims he owes $ 50,329 to the IRS and $ 106,000 of child support to two of the mothers of his children, one in Georgia and one in Tennessee. Buck said his only income this year has come from the copyrights of some mixtapes, including “10 Bricks, 10 Bullets, and 10 Bodies” that provided him with $ 35,000, he also says he hasn’t seen his other royalty payments yet.

Things get tough for Young Buck, who is also in the middle of a legal battle with 50 Cent. In the bankruptcy filing, Buck requested that neither 50 Cent nor the rest of the G-Unit is allowed to collect royalties from music projects where Young Buck has participated.

He also alleged that G-Unit was his only employer in the last 7 years. Although not even a month has passed since the release of his latest EPOutbreak,” Young Buck is in an economic crisis that seems difficult to overcome.

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