March 22, 2023

Dalai Lama To Release Album [No Joke!]

I was amazed when I stumbled across the recent news that the Dalai Lama will be releasing a debut album on July 6, 2020 [which will also be his 85th birthday]. The record will contain 11 tracks, which will include various mantras and teachings set to meditative music.

Preview one of the tracks here:

I commend someone of this age for “getting with the times” and being open to speaking to younger generations in a way that will tangibly reach across divides. People are streaming more music than ever before, and amid chaos, individuals seek peaceful tracks for solace.

The album will be titled Inner World.

Track list:

  1. “The Buddha”
  2. “One Of My Favourite Prayers”
  3. “Compassion”
  4. “Courage”
  5. “Ama La”
  6. “Healing”
  7. “Wisdom”
  8. “Purification”
  9. “Protection”
  10. “Children”
  11. “Humanity”

The idea for the album came when New Zealand musician Junelle Kunin sought to find some music that was paired with Dalai Lama’s teachings [for stress relief at work]. Kunin pitched the idea [after her first attempt was turned down] by writing a letter and handing it to one of the Dalai Lama’s assistants while on a trip to India. He accepted.

About the recording session, Kunin says: “I’d never heard him [the Dalai Lama] speak like this. He really was so excited … he actually proceeded to explain to me how important music is. He leaned forward and his eyes were sparkling, and his fingers were rubbing together and he [talked] about how music can help people in a way that he can’t; it can transcend differences and return us to our true nature and our good heartedness.

Net proceeds from the album will go to the Mind and Life Institute and Social, Emotional, and Ethical Learning.


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