March 27, 2023

Live and Amplified: A Platform for Independent Artists

If you are an independent artist, this read is for you.

Today, I had the pleasure of interviewing Live and Amplified C.E.O. Tom Kwiat. In my 10 years of being immersed in the Music Industry, I have yet to meet someone as hardworking and selfless as Tom is. He dedicates every waking hour to promoting independent musicians around the world, even though he is not a singer or instrumentalist. Read on to learn more about what Tom does and how Live and Amplified can help you in your career:

What exactly is “Live and Amplified?” What do y’all do? What is your mission statement?

Live and Amplified is a platform that promotes and showcases original content for independent musicians. The idea is to become a free incubator for independent musicians that serves 2 purposes. First, it could be for artists who doesn’t want a record label, and our platform can offer them all of the same support (of a label) without a blood-sucking contract. Secondly, our platform could help musicians, who want a record deal, prepare for that next step.”

How did Live and Amplified begin? What gave you the idea?

Live and Amplified came from a very idealistic time in my life. I saw several different people doing things to ‘Help Support Independent Music,’ but it was always only for their friends. I was watching TRL Re-Runs (or something like that) and wanted to look at the idea of building a platform for the next generation of musicians, using the tools that I had at my disposal. So, I crafted the idea of doing a Documentary Series that would showcase and promote original content.”

Who else is on the team and what are everyone’s roles?

“The team is small, but the current team is:

Tom Kwiat (me): Director of Creative Production/Host

Jeffrey Cabana: Director of Audio Engineering and Production

Brady Chambers: Production Tech

Alisha Peru: Digital Magazine Writer/Editor”

Do you do this full-time?

“Nope, not yet. We have a 2-year plan in place to make this happen and operate as a full-time thing.” [During the day, Tom also works as a Creative Services Producer for 25 News KXXV.]

How many hours a day do you dedicate to Live and Amplified? A week? 

“I dedicate at least 3-6 hours a day and roughly 30-35 hours a week.”

Wow, that’s a lot on top of another job. Do you sleep?

“I sleep more now than I would if I were doing Live and Amplified full time.”

What is your favorite part about running Live and Amplified?

“Traveling and meeting new bands/people, I love getting in the car and just driving, but I also enjoy watching a band grow and build a following.” [A+!]

What are some of your biggest daily challenges?

“The biggest daily challenge is making sure that we are continually releasing content. We are spreading out the different musicians without favoring one over another.”

What makes it “all worth it?”

“The free band merch, lol (I’m kidding, kinda). When a band comes back and thanks us and says that because of what we did for them, they were able to get on a bill or get a record deal.” [Awesome!]

Where do you envision Live and Amplified 3 years from now?

“I envision Live and Amplified as a full-time job, with payroll and staff, that is starting to form into a modern-day MTV.”

Are all of your services free?

“All of the services that we offer right now are free, but I do see a scenario [once our studio is set up] where we will rent it out to people who are looking for a studio space, etc.”

How can musicians contact you for promotional assistance, etc.?

“Our website is the best way to contact us: We have a contact form at the bottom of the page.”

How can people best support you and Live and Amplified?

“Visit our website our follow us on social media.”

Facebook – @LiveNAmplified

Twitter – @LiveNAmplified1

Instagram – @LiveNAmplified

Youtube – Live and Amplified 

Thanks for your time, Tom! Keep on keepin’ on.

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