March 24, 2023

WWE superstar John Cena to donate $ 1 million to Black Lives Matter

This is how you do a powerslam to racism.

Former WWE champion, John Cena, has equaled a donation made by the K-Pop band BTS and his legion of fans. Cena has announced through his Twitter account that he will donate $ 1 million to the Black Lives Matter organization.

BTS donated the same amount a few days ago, then their legion of fans managed to raise another million dollars, and now Big John has joined the movement and will contribute an additional million dollars.

This effort has made it possible for the band, the wrestler, and his fans to raise $ 3 million to help Black Lives Matter. John Cena declared himself a huge fan of the K-Pop band, which caused surprise not only among BTS fans but also those who admire the former WWE world champion.

It is essential to highlight the charitable personality of John Cena; the wrestling superstar is recognized worldwide for his good deeds and his willingness to help those most in need. John Cena currently holds the record for most wishes granted for the “Make a Wish” foundation, which is responsible for giving wishes to children who are battling cancer.

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