October 23, 2021

AllDatNoise EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Baha Bank$ – Just Dropped!

AllDatNoise C.E.O. Dez Jermaine sat down for an exclusive interview with up-and-coming Chicago artist Baha Bank$.

Video: Zay Hammond [Insta: @zayhammond]

Bank$ shares how she got her name, what it was like growing up in Chicago, her thoughts on the current Chicago music scene, her musical influences, collaboration preferences, artistic processes, the amount of work that female artists put into their careers, and more.

Some highlights:

On Record Labels: “I’ve really been trying to ride the independent wave because I do know that sometimes a label isn’t always meant for you [. . .] You gotta pick and choose your battles.”

On Music and Personal Life: “I am a full-time student and a full-time mom.Baha says that sometimes she will be writing, but her daughter asks her to put down down her phone and “come play.” Thankfully, the studios that she usually goes to are right across the street. “It’s like a walk.”

On the Perfect Guy: “I hate assholes [. . .] Don’t come to me with no bad attitude, ‘cuz I could talk a nigga into the ground.” Baha shoots it straight!

Check out the full interview here for much more content.

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