Black Women Plead for an End to the Vandalism

This first video takes place in front of a Starbucks in Los Angeles, California – one of the U.S. cities that has experienced some of the worst looting as of late. It was filmed on Saturday, May 30, 2020.

In the above video, we see a woman of color confront two non-black individuals and tell them to stop vandalizing in the name of the black community.

“Y’all doin’ that for us and we didn’t ask you to do that. Don’t spray stuff on here when they’re gonna blame black people for this and black people didn’t do it. They’re not gonna show your faces when they see that on this building. They’re gonna blame that on us! Y’all are part of the problem! [. . .] We didn’t do that. Stuff like this ain’t right [. . .] We’re out here, standing together, peacefully, protesting without any problems. You’ve got people of all races spraying on buildings talking about, “Black Lives Matter” [. . .] And when you see stuff like that, you’re supposed to stand up and say something. Don’t spray on these people’s buildings. That’s not our message. That’s not helping nothing.

In the next video, we see a woman of color stricken with grief and anger over her demolished neighborhood. She pleas for an end to this type of destruction:


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