George Floyd’s second autopsy confirms he died by suffocation

The results of George Floyd’s second autopsy have been revealed. Floyd’s family lawyers explained that George died of suffocation from neck and back compression when a police officer placed his knee against his neck for more than eight minutes.

Ben Crump, a civil rights lawyer, said during a press conference on June 1 that George Floyd died because “He needed to breathe and the police ignored him.”

“I implore all of us to take a breath for justice, to take a breath for peace, to take a breath for our country, and to take a breath for George.”

The second autopsy – which had been requested by his family – was performed by renowned forensic medical examiner Michael Baden, and his colleague Dr. Allecia Wilson, this autopsy determined that George Floyd’s death was a homicide.

The results indicate that the weight against his back, the handcuffs, and the position that Floyd was in, were crucial because these factors prevented his diaphragm from working properly.

The initial autopsy performed by the Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s offices determined that there was no evidence that Floyd had died of strangulation or suffocation of any kind. That autopsy revealed that George Floyd’s death had been a combination of the effects of highly toxic substances on his body, along with health problems that Floyd already had.

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