September 30, 2022

Eminem Announces Shady Records to Join Black Out Tuesday

George Floyd’s death has had a gigantic impact in the United States. The protests have reached new levels and are no longer limited to the streets; protesters have targeted the White House and are thirsty for justice for the Floyd family.

Artists, influencers, and the entertainment elite have also raised their voices to demand justice. This time it was Eminem’s turn, the Slim Shady announced that Shady Records will join the “Black Out Tuesday” movement.

On Tuesday June 02, the entire music industry will unite to stop its operations during that day to protest against police abuse, and all the injustices suffered by the black community. Em’ used his Twitter account to inform fans that Shady Records would join this fight for social justice.

“We will be closed on Black Out Tuesday,” the tweet reads. “Join us in fighting for change. #TheShowMustBePaused #BlackLivesMatter #BlackOutTuesday.”

Eminem also asked the people of the United States not to remain silent and report any case of injustice. The leader of Shady Records believes that social union is the only thing that will prevent cases like George Floyd’s from happening again.

Big Hip Hop stars have raised their voices to demand justice for Floyd’s death, the end of police brutality, and the final cessation of racial violence that still exists in the United States.

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