Lil Nas X Adds His Spark to New Children’s Show

By now, we all know who Lil Nas X is. He took the world by storm with his chart-topping single, “Old Town Road.” After transforming an entire gymnasium of children into a raving concert a year ago [click here to see video], Lil Nas X decided to star in a show alongside America’s favorite character – Elmo. Kids seem to love both of them, so why not?

This fun news comes as a spark of light amidst the dark times that were coming through our television screens earlier this week. This debut show is titled, “The Not-Too-Late Show With Elmo,” and will provide some fun and hope for children still quarantined amidst the virus outbreak.

Lil Nas X put his own special spin on the well-known “Elmo Theme Song.” It was hip-hop infused. Musician Kasey Musgroves also performed.

“The Not-Too-Late Show With Elmo” is done in the style of a talk show, so it will be interesting to see what other musical acts Sesame Street chooses to feature in coming episodes! This is a great way for children to experience well-known artists of the day, in a kid-friendly way.


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