August 8, 2022

George Floyd and Derek Chauvin – Former Workmates

According to former night club owner Maya Santamaria, George Floyd and Derek Chauvin used to work overlapping security shifts at El Nuevo Rodeo. The establishment was located just down the street from Minneapolis’ Third Precinct, but was sold by Santamaria just a few months ago.

Santamaria said that George Floyd was “a great guy.” He does not believe that Chauvin and Floyd truly knew one another, but is certain that they crossed paths during the time that they both worked for the night club.

According to Mike Freeman [Hennepin County Attorney], Derek Chauvin currently faces charges of manslaughter and third-degree murder.

KSTP reports that George Floyd and Derek Chauvin may have worked together as recently as last year [2019].

Earlier today, Santamaria mourned over the arson of the building that houses his Spanish station, La Raza. A nearby Target store was also looted.

“Such sad news to wake up and know that all your business and work was destroyed by the vandalizers,” Santamaria wrote in Spanish. “We didn’t manage to rescue anything. My heart is in mourning today.”


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