Young Chop’s “Chop Is King”

As a bassist, I’m a sucker for some solid low-end in the music that I listen to. Young Chops’ newest album, “Chop Is King,” delivers in that respect.

Chop made a great choice in opening with the track “You Know What We Do.” It draws in his listeners.

“Time After Time” has some killer keyboard work. This song works in nice contrast to the first one. Young Chop utilizes auto-tune in a very tasteful way [in a similar style to Kanye West’s use of it in his “Heartless” choruses]. It adds to the music rather than distracts from it.

In the song “Movie,” Chop speaks about the way in which his brother did him wrong. There is a lot going on instrumentally in the background of this song. There are intricate subtleties, even though the track itself is short and to the point. [Use headphones for the full experience.]

Overall, this album has a lot of diversity. The songs are ordered in a way that keeps the record fresh. It will be interesting to see if Young Chop decides to feature other artists on upcoming releases.

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