November 27, 2022

Ice-T supports Swizz Beatz’s idea of ​​creating a fund for Hip Hop pioneers

Ice-T has always shown his loyalty and admiration for Hip Hop pioneers. He has always credited people like Grand Master Kaz, Melle Mel, and Big Daddy Kane for having paved the way for the new generations of Hip Hop.

For this reason, it came as no surprise that he joined Swizz Beatz’s idea of ​​creating a “Hip Hop Pioneers Fund.”

Swizz Beatz mentioned this idea during a live conversation with Joe Budden on Instagram earlier this month. According to Beatz, it is necessary to “pay taxes” to the creative minds of Hip Hop, the pioneers who opened the doors to the new hip hop stars.

Ice-T supported Beatz’s remarks from day one. For him, the idea can work as long as it is a kind of fund and different people contribute money. He also believes that it is important that there be some kind of “retirement plan” for rappers, since not all of them have the same luck and some have fallen into a bad economic situation.

“I mean, if it was a fund, it wouldn’t be an individual person giving it to them. I think what they’d have to do is create a board of people, maybe like the Universal Hip Hop Museum, that would be able to handle the funds and get it out to people in need. I think that’s very honorable that Swizz Beatz would bring that up and say that.”

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