January 27, 2022

Hip Hop stars react to police abuse in Minnesota

Hip Hop music has always been characterized by protesting against injustices. And although within hip hop there is no distinction for skin color, real-life hits us with a very different reality.

The Hip Hop community has recently come together to repudiate an act of police brutality against a black man.

George Floyd died being suffocated by police officers, according to the police report: on the night of May 25, they responded to a complaint about possible falsification, when they arrived at the scene they found George Floyd allegedly under the influence of drugs, Floyd opposed resistance and had to be “contained” by the officers.

The police stated that Floyd appeared to be suffering from health problems, and that would have caused his death.

The video (which went viral yesterday) shows how a white police officer put his knee against the victim’s neck and leaving it like that for a long time. Although the police took him to the hospital, George Floyd ended up dying. The FBI opened an investigation, and the police officers who handled the case have been dismissed.

The Hip Hop artists were quick to repudiate the terrible crime and used their social networks to protest against police brutality.

Ice Cube, Ice T, Meek Mill, Snoop Dogg, and many others posted messages against police abuse.

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