August 16, 2022

HACK: Ultimate Tip for DIY Tour Booking

Booking a tour [especially if it’s your first] can be a daunting task. I am about to share my FAVORITE tip with you that will make the process significantly more manageable, as well as assist you in building connections with venues and other musicians across the country. [I used this method while booking my band LUX‘s first tour, and the travels went off without a hitch.]

The key: Facebook Groups

  1. Reach out to various out-of-town family members and friends who may be open to allowing you to crash on their couch for an evening. Most people think that hosting a “touring musician” for a night or two is pretty cool… 🙂 Hotels are the most significant “money-eater” while traveling, so try to avoid them at all costs. Based on the responses in this step…
  2. Plan your route. For you “tour virgins” out there, I suggest starting with a one-week tour MAX and remaining reasonably close to home. Test the waters; trust me, your stress levels will already be high enough. [Don’t try to travel across the country yet. Remain in your home state or region.]
  3. JOIN FACEBOOK MUSIC GROUPS FOR EACH CITY THAT YOU PLAN ON PLAYING IN. This is the hack. If you want to play a show in Seattle, type in “Seattle Music” and/or “Seattle Musicians” on Facebook and join several associated groups. Do this for each city. Once you are approved, create posts [in each group] asking the local musicians for venue suggestions for your particular genre, venue contact info, etc. One of my favorite methods is to ask local musicians if you can open for them or “join their bill” [aka hop onto a show of theirs]. This method allows you to play in cities wherein you do not have a solid fan base yet because the local musicians are the ones creating the “crowd draw.” You can then win over their fans + avoid playing to empty venues.
  4. Reach out to venues, solidify your show dates, etc. Always keep a calendar / planner handy. Tour booking requires an immense amount of organization!
  5. Promote.

If you are persistent with this method, you will reap the fruits of your labor. If it were not for this type of social media networking, I would not have been able to book the tour that I did. The venue connections and musician friendships that I formed through this method are still going strong today!

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