December 4, 2022

Autistic boy drowned in Miami was killed by his mother

This weekend, the death of the autistic boy, Alejandro Ripley, shook Miami.

Alejandro Ripley was a 9-year-old Hispanic boy, suffered from advanced Autism, and was unable to speak. He was found dead early Friday morning in a lake near Kendall.

According to statements by his mother and who was later declared as his murderer, Patricia Ripley, the boy had been kidnapped on Thursday night by two African-American men who assaulted them while driving on the road.

However, the truth doesn’t remain hidden for long, only a few hours later the police became suspicious when a video came to light where Patricia Ripley can be seen pushing her son into a lake.

Patricia Ripley was arrested and charged with first-degree murder on Saturday. The evidence that convicted the murderous mother was a video from security cameras that has recently been leaked.

A chilling video broadcast by Univision Miami television shows how Patricia Ripley, 45, carried out a failed “first attempt” to end her son’s life.

In the images, captured by security cameras at 6:28 p.m. Thursday, the detainee and the child are seen walking very close to the edge of a canal, in the Kendall Acres apartment complex, in the city of Miami. She looks around nervously and pulls her son’s arm closer to the shore. Then she pushes him into the water and runs away from the scene.

In the following seconds of the video, Patricia Ripley reappears with a neighbor of the block who had heard screams, and who jumped into the water to help the boy. Another resident of the condo came over to help.

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