March 27, 2023

Florida Teens Raise $30,000 for Coronavirus Relief

Two teenagers from Orlando, Florida, Dylan Carollo and Nikolai Eggleton, have raised over $30,000 [so far] for coronavirus relief efforts. 100% of donations go directly to organizations within COVID-19 hot spots [Los Angeles, New Orleans, Detroit, Seattle, Boston, and New York].

These two entrepreneurs are raising money through their radio station, D-100. Their love for music began as children when, instead of playing video games, the two friends would get together and podcast. Their podcasts grew to reach thousands of listeners and, from there, Carollo and Eggleton decided to birth their radio station.

In order to raise money for this current health crisis, D-100 Radio allows listeners to make song requests via donations. Larger donors also receive wristbands and t-shirts.

“Don’t just dream of changing the world. Work to change it.”Dylan Carollo [D-100 C.E.O.]

Check out this amazing teen duo and support the cause here:

D-100 Twitter: @D100

D-100 Instagram: @d100radio

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