March 22, 2023

Brian May suffered a heart attack

Brian May suffered a heart attack.

Brian May, the iconic guitarist of the rock band “Queen” had to be taken to the emergency room after suffering a heart attack. It was Brian himself who was in charge of giving the news this Monday through a video posted on his Instagram account.

May revealed that earlier this month he suffered a landscaping accident in which his buttocks were injured. In the video he posted on Instagram, the legendary guitarist narrated all the health problems he has been through lately.

“They did an MRI, they found out I had a tear in my gluteus maximus.” In the video, the legendary rocker said that pain had caused him an even worse injury.

According to May, a week after his gluteal injury was recognized, he was still in a lot of pain. He went to the doctor for further studies, and it was detected that his sciatic nerve was very compressed.

“I had the feeling that someone was putting a screwdriver against my back” said May

“Amid all these pains I also suffered a heart attack. For almost 40 minutes, I had to endure that terrible pain in my chest.”

May revealed that three of his main arteries were clogged, and that many people suggested he have a triple cardiac bypass, but that he decided not to.

“The doctors did an amazing job; when I got home I couldn’t believe that I had an operation. I hardly felt any pain.”

Last month, May, drummer Roger Taylor, and singer Adam Lambert teamed up to release a remake of Queen’s iconic song “We Are the Champions” renamed “You Are The Champions” in support of the workers at front line fighting coronavirus.

All proceeds from the song will go to the Solidarity Response Fund for COVID-19 for the World Health Organization.

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