December 4, 2022


I am going to let you in on a little secret…

There is a model wherein which you, as a new, unsigned artist, can acquire multiple booking agents at NO out-of-pocket-cost.

This is a commission-based model. It is simple, quick, and easy to do. Here’s the run-down:

  • Seek out those whom might be interested [through direct contacts, social media, and job-hosting sites like Craigslist].
  • Know that these individuals who work for you do NOT need to be professional booking agents. They do not even need to have prior booking experience – just a desire to learn and grow within the music industry.
  • Offer your applicants a COMMISSION percentage based on every show that they book for you [ex: 25% of what the venue pays you].
  • Those whom you hire can choose to book as few or as many shows for you as is doable and desired. The commission model is what drives individuals to book more gigs for you [and guarantees that you will never pay upfront].
  • You can acquire as many booking agents as you would like with this model, all working for you at the same time.
  • I highly suggest excluding your tips from the commission percentage. These are yours, and you worked hard for them.
  • Tip: Make sure that you have open communication with your agents. Make them aware of the areas wherein which you are capable of playing shows, what evenings you are unavailable, when you will be out of town, etc., and always have them confirm gig offers with you PRIOR to confirming with venues.

If you use this method in the future, let me know in the comments below!

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