March 24, 2023

CantBuyDeem’s “Bonnie”

Chicago-based rapper CantBuyDeem has just released the new track “Bonnie [feat. Konsept the Emcee].” The artwork is well-done and professional; it has a realistic look to it. The track begins with an ethereal, trance-like synthesizer overlay. I like the Rhodes organ-like reverberation that it has to it. The initial beat and vocals are simple, however, at the 0:27 mark, we get hit with a deep, round bass. Coming through a nice pair of earbuds, this drop has a large, full tone to it. This is the type of bass that would sound great busting through a good set of car subs. In my opinion, it is the bass that really drives this song. It is the type of beat that you will want to move to.

At 1:09 the bass drops to about half the volume [nice touch]. At 1:24, we get hit with the harder bass again. It was not until my second round of listening that I really “felt” the beat and began to appreciate the low-end of the song. Whoever is spitting from 1:27 – 1:46 has some serious flow coming off of the tongue. The rhymes are smooth and professional. The fade-out ending of the song is A-rate, and at just over two minutes long, this track is short enough to hold the attention of its listeners.

[explicit content]

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