October 5, 2022

LeBron James to Produce Netflix Basketball Movie – Sandler to Star

LeBron James has announced that he will be producing a new basketball-themed movie for Netflix titled, “Hustle.” The star? None other than comedian Adam Sandler.

The plot: “Sandler will star as a former basketball scout who is fired after finding a ‘once-in-a-lifetime player abroad’ [. . .] He will then attempt to bring the player to America in hopes of returning to the NBA” [www.si.com].

In terms of acting and production, James is also known known for Trainwreck [2015], Smallfoot [2018] and Survivor’s Remorse [2014].

A release date for “Hustle” has not yet been published.




| Alisha Peru | www.alishaperu.com

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