March 24, 2023

JUST LAUNCHED: Limited Edition Metallica “Batch 100” Sets

JUST LAUNCHED [May 18, 2020] – Metallica fans can now purchase a Limited Edition Metallica “Blackened American Whiskey: Batch 100” set. [Order here:]

Metallica music was, quite literally, used in the whiskey enhancement process; the vibrations from the music, “pummel the black brandy casks during the finishing process, agitating the whiskey and extracting more flavor from the wood,” according to Master Blender and Distiller Rob Dietrich. A great amount of thought was put into creating the perfect Metallica playlist for the job, and band member Lars Ulrich approves of the selection.

Check out Lars Ulrich’s unboxing below:

The sets include a bottle of the award-winning BLACKENED® American Whiskey, “two 12” vinyl picture discs of the METALLICA playlist that pummeled the finishing barrels during the sonic-enhancement process, the first issue of the unavailable-elsewhere BLACKENED ZINE and more.” []

Pre-order before they are gone!

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