April 1, 2023

Drive In Movie Events x Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is currently at a standstill but one designer has said enough is enough and is meshing the drive through movie theater concept with fashion events. In September a designer is planning on doing a drive through event week during New York Fashion Week. The concept will circle around a documentary Drive Through Movie Event based in Brooklyn. I have considered doing a fashion movie years ago but I didn’t know what direction to take this. Creating a fashion movie is fascinating to me and I had even narrowed down the movie locations to debut my movie but life and time altered my thought process and I put my Fashion Movie creation plans on the backburner.Multiple cities will have screenings and hopefully Atlanta is on the list.A clothing line will be debuted at the same time.It will be a private screening then public screening.What makes this event more interesting is that New York City doesn’t have drive in theaters which makes this more fascinating. In a time when creativity is at an all time low I think it’s a great idea for the fashion industry to keep itself fresh current and innovative. I believe that creatives/people in the fashion industry all need to use this time to refresh and regroup to expand thoughts and brands. I have taken this time to make large progress in my company during a trying time. I believe if we keep this pace than fashion will recover sooner then we may think.00e02bdb82d9a96edaa3cd56a271e71d70-drive-in.rhorizontal.w700

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