April 1, 2023

Bye Bye JcPenny’s

Bye Bye JcPenny’s-

I just got some horrible news. I couldn’t determine what topic to discuss because there is so much going on in the fashion world and then I get a notification that JCPenny’s is going the direction of most retail of the era. My computer is blowing up with notifications that the retail staple the one and only JcPenny’s is taking a final bow.The store is in $4 billion worth of debt. When the pandemic arose all of the stores were shut down and they reopened for a couple of days but now the store is no longer open at all. They added innovative shopping options but that didn’t help the company from filing bankruptcy.As mall shopper’s turned into online shoppers JCPenny followed many other stores in losing foot traffic. As everything comes to a close they tried to focus on the Middle America market which no longer shops at JCPenny’s. Another odd part of this situation is that as they fired people they paid the top people in the company. That is not fair to regular workers. A lot of people are not eligible to get additional income these days let alone any income. As hospitals and big retailers close we can all realize that our economy is in a very interesting state and what if it never recovers? When I was growing up having a retail job was a reliable job. I made sure I found other ways to make money because retail has been making quite a bit of turn in a circle for a while. Not only is this sad I am trying not to be depressed because this is the degree field that I am in and it is practically whipped out. As I scroll my timeline and see people make Gofundme’s for small sums of money I have to put things in perspective and we all need to determine a cushion for ourselves because we never know which company will be going under tomorrow. Cherish every smile because you never know when your lifestyle status may change.download (8)

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