April 1, 2023

Fashion Forward-Where Is The Designer Clothing Going?

I have noticed a shift from a focus on designer clothing with a couple of female’s in the music industry and a surge in regular people clothing. It started with Cardi B and the City Girls and now we see it again with Doja Cat.

I think this is great for people who want to look like their favorite music artist but it is also aiding in the closing of multiple big box retail stores. Consumers look at musicians for fashion ideas and a lot of clothing purchases are made after a favorite musician wears something loved by a lot of people.

Sadly businesses suffer if the clothing is not casual enough and want to keep the classic look that is slowly disappearing off the shelves. I do not listen to Doja Cat,Cardi B or the City Girls regularly but I look at their clothing choices from a marketing aspect and we have to give these musicians credit as they have inspired a huge generation to look,”Bouji On A Budget” and the way the world is going everyone is counting pennies quite a bit.

As far as Doja Cat the first thing I noticed about her was her style. She dresses for the direction of the life that I am heading and to a time I thought had passed.She brings a peaceful and playful energy to fashion. She is bringing a fun aspect back to fashion and the color choices are legendary. As far as Cardi B she leaves us guessing with her fashion choices and I cannot wait to see her look evolve over time. As far as the City Girls fashion choices they are for the partier in all of us.

I have many more people I can list that are pushing the envelope but this is all I have for now. In our next article we will discuss Cardi B’s Fashion,City Girls Fashion and fashion for savages and those who like to play it safe!!

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