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Chicago has many music artist emerging in the industry these days, whether it be gaining notoriety via social media or doing shows and performing in their hometown. KiaGotaChoppa is one of those female artist that is becoming more and more known in her hometown of Chicago which is why we decided to talk to her about many topics check them out below:

AllDatNoise: So what’s the story behind your name “KiaGotaChoppa” how long have you been calling yourself that? 

KiaGotaChoppa: When I was in high school I use to be at my friends house all the time in the 100s.. to the point where they whole hood knew I rapped so one day after I fought this girl by the train tracks at a house where we all use to chill and smoke at then they just start calling me KiaGotaChoppa and it’s been a thing since.

AllDatNoise: For those who don’t know where are you from? 

KiaGotaChoppa: I’m from the low end ( Southside Chicago)

AllDatNoise: How long have you been rapping seriously?

KiaGotaChoppa: I started taking rapping seriously in 2016

AllDatNoise: You were in a rap group What happen to your group “Pronto” do y’all still talk? 

KiaGotaChoppa: Yeah I was in a group… we was lit too, it’s just life happens… when you not on the same page with somebody u just gotta keep the ball rolling. I think over the time of me rapping before I even decided to take it serious I was always the person encouraging people around me to explore their talents… I just took it more serious. Yes we talk. We just recently rekindled our bond. That’s my sister for life. 

AllDatNoise: Your first album titled “KiaGotaChoppa” was so dope what was your favorite song on the project? 

KiaGotaChoppa: Thank you! And yeah I had fun with that project. My favorite song on there would probably be between “In The Land” or “On My Way”

AllDatNoise: Who are 3 of your musical influences and why? 

KiaGotaChoppa: Three musical influences would be Future, Lil Kim & Chief Keef. I got a lot of influences so I can never just choose, but I picked future because I respect his growth I been a fan since Pluto. I picked Lil Kim because she just overall iconic plus she hard as hell she opened the door for a lot of female artists today. Of course Chief Keef, his growth alone is just inspirational as hell, he the reason everybody and they mama rapping right now! He gave the youth hope changed the game young as hell.

AllDatNoise: Chicago has a ton of female music artist emerging and gaining notoriety what sets you apart? 

KiaGotaChoppa: Yeah, it’s a lot of dope female artist in the city!  I think what separates me would be my versatility, my style, and just being me. I don’t follow trends I set them by just simply being me.

AllDatNoise: How have you been holding up with this CoronaVirus, what’s your quarantine activities?

KiaGotaChoppa: Quarantining been my thing before it even been a thing! Naw but, I been chilling trying to stay productive as possible. I still record. I been shooting… just tryna stay safe and remain productive.

AllDatNoise: What’s your plans for your next project and when can we look forward to getting one? 

KiaGotaChoppa: I’m actually gonna drop a EP before the summer but I’m definitely dropping another tape this summer! 

AllDatNoise: Name one mainstream music artist you would love to collaborate with and one local artist who would you pick? 

KiaGotaChoppa: One mainstream artist would be NBA Youngboy
and a local artist would be Omeretta.

AllDatNoise: How would you describe the current state of Chicago music for female artist? 

KiaGotaChoppa: Chicago music for female artist is most definitely a challenge… being a female artist is a challenge period because the industry is male dominant. I feel like if people support female artist how they support the male artist in the city it would be a better outcome for us as a whole. Female artist winning right now.

AllDatNoise: What are 3 of your favorite blogs? 

KiaGotaChoppa: Of course AllDatNoise, Illinoize, and Talk That Talk Chi.

AllDatNoise: Who is your favorite local fashion designer? 

KiaGotaChoppa: Ron Louis been doing his thang his work is dope.

AllDatNoise: Where are you currently residing ? 
KiaGotaChoppa: I stay in Chicago 
AllDatNoise: How has the process been for you as a independent music artist? 
KiaGotaChoppa: The process is a challenge being a independent artist… I go through my ups and downs just like any other artist … I just try my best to stay motivated and remember why I started doing it. I love making music and I love the people who continuously show love and support. I keep going because of that. I always tell myself every time I find myself growing wit the business, I use to pray to be where I am today… even though I’m nowhere near where I want to be, I’ve came a long way. The only way is up, especially when u got it out the dirt. It’s Gods timing.

Make sure yall go check out Kia’s latest album and single “Let It Go” via Spotify below:

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