October 5, 2022

Connecticut’s Very Own IHateTwins Releases New Single “Airbnb”

Connecticut rap duo, ihatetwins, made up of two brothers T3 the Kid and Lamberton, are back to deliver their new single “Airbnb.” With flows and lyrics that tell the duo’s story, the track features a melodic punch that will have you hooked.

“Airbnb,” describes their escapades of renting out lavish Airbnbs from two different perspectives. T3 the Kid gives off the vibe that the property is his and it’s all apart of his lavish lifestyle in hopes to impress women, while Lamberton takes pride in using his Airbnb as a safehouse for his no strings attached infidelites. Guiding listeners through a unique story, it’s definitely a single that will have you with those Drake vibes.


Since a young age, the pair have always been heavily influenced by music growing up in the church choir. Unfortunately, once they showed an acquiring interest in hip-hop music it was banned from their religious home, considering it’s argumentatively seen in traditional religious homes as “the praise of evil spirits” or “the devil’s music.” Drawing lyrical inspiration from rappers like Will Smith, Lil Wayne and many more, ihatetwins stay in touched with their love for music and created their own sound based on the music they loved.


Ihatetwins first gained their notoriety from their famous skit #PillowFightChallenge with Instagram influencer and rapper, Fatboy SSE, which received over millions of views up to date. Recently, the duo released their debut album 808pm, which only features them introducing a pop-infused melodic style, lurring in the listener with their catchy hooks and melodies by leaving an infectious tune that sticks with them long after the song is over. Don’t believe me? Take a listen to their latest single below.

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