March 27, 2023

Luna Grey Releases A Compelling Visual “7 Days” Featuring Fat 4 Glo (Watch)

Chicago has a large variety of music artist exploding on to the scene, but Luna Grey offers us a different style.

You can see that she is a hustler by heart and has a drive to succeed in the industry.  This new visual “7 Days” is here to motivate, inspire and energize music fans and audiences everywhere and remind us that the main person that can stop us, is ourselves. 

It’s gonna be a very exciting summer for the music scene in Chicago, and we see Luna as one of those who will be at the forefront.

She even invites her fellow Chicago native Fat 4 Glo on to the track, and they both gives us some compelling verses alongside the dope visual. When asked why she wrote this song she stated:

“I wrote ‘7 Days’ while reminiscing about the people I expected to believe and encourage me the most – and coming to terms with those being the same people who resented my determination to live the life that made me happiest. I’m often misunderstood but I refuse to settle for a life that doesn’t fulfill me. This song is about my dedication to help create a better world.”

Luna Grey

Make sure y’all give Luna a listen and watch the full video above. Also follow her on all social media, and streaming platforms below:

Instagram: @TheLunaGrey

Stream Music on Spotify:

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