Texas Rapper Danger Zone and AdELA Release New Inspiring Record “All That’s Broken”

To no surprise, Texas has always been a breeding ground for fresh, raw, talented new artists. With that being said, coming out of Austin, Texas is rapper Danger Zone with a new album set to release at the top of the new year. The upcoming project will feature his turning pain to purpose record, “All That’s Broken” featuring the “Dreamers and Thinkers” songstress/femcee, AdELA.

Danger Zone’s All I fear: The 2nd chance Edition is his upcoming second album dropping January 22nd, 2019 by Validation Music Group in celebration to Danger‘s younger cousin Rome Henderson and her second chance at life through a recent heart transplant. Thirteen year old warrior, Rome, lives in Austin, Texas and was born with a heart defect. In December of 2017, she had been admitted into Dell’s Children Hospital after having difficulty breathing where her and her family were advised that she will be needing a heart transplant in the near future. Fast forward to Christmas Eve, Rome was transferred to a children’s hospital in Dallas. Thanks to the love and support of her family and the nurturing and care from Dr. Vivian Dimas, Rome was immediately treated and on January 1st, 2017, Rome had undergone a successful heart transplant.

During the worst part of Rome’s immaculate recovery, Danger Zone spent every moment with her, praying she would pull through. He began writing “All That’s Broken” to help express himself and to get through the pain he was feeling by seeing his little cousin in a critical condition. When writing the song, Danger wanted…

The listeners to see that no matter what obstacles life throws at you there is always a reason to smile and it is vitally important to cherish each and every moment because life is short and you never know if the next day will be your last.

Danger Zone and Rome.jpg

The purpose of this record is to also show the fans to cherish every moment and blessing no matter how small those blessings and moments may be. Rome has not only been a warrior for herself but a warrior and blessing for Danger as well. Seeing her be strong helped him pull through and immediately changed his mindset during a hard time for him.  

“Thanks to Rome I’ve been able to live a life filled with love peace and happiness.I love Rome because she literally saved my life. Words can’t even express how thankful I am to have her in my life.”

Danger Zone and his family reached out to the American Heart Association as well as the American Cancer Society in an attempt to help raise money for cardiac and cancer patients. Rome is currently back in Austin, and is doing better than ever. The poet turned emcee has a beautiful track on his hands and we want the world to hear! We are excited about what the full project holds with its heartfelt relatable records layered over intricate string melodies paired with pianos and acoustic guitars.


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