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DJ Sauna Gets Lit In Latest Visual

Next up on the hip-hop scene is DJ Sauna. The hot new emerging indie artist was born in Tampa ,Fl and raised in the rolling hills of Greensboro, NC. His music is inspired by the likes of hip-hop’s hypest Gucci Mane, Young Dolph, Pimp C.

At the young age of fifteen, Sauna began DJing at local teen clubs around the city, to showcase his love for music. As he got older and continued to perfect his craft, he eventually elevated to mixing at clubs in and out the city for adults 18 years old and up. DJ Sauna is currently affiliated with “Fast Life Music Family,” a label made up of powerful entrepreneurs.

DJ Sauna’s music exploits the pros and cons of the self-made lifestyle in which he feels is the finest way to live. Recently, the North Carolina native released a new visual for his latest record “Cant Trust Hennyone” featuring social media maven and recording artist, Harvey J.

If you haven’t already, peep the new visual below.


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