March 22, 2023

Sean Christopher Is Way Up In Latest Single

Detroit born, Atlanta raised artist Sean Christopher is everything that can be asked for in an emerging Hip-Hop artist. His latest record “Way Up” is just like his sound – smooth, catchy and trend setting.
With a style from a time before, his esthetic is the perfect blend of mixing old and new school. Taking on a traditional Hip-Hop persona during the current state of the genre where lo-fi bedroom rappers dominate the underground scene, Christopher may have taken a bit of an artistic risk but has distinguished himself as force to be reckoned with. The blessed up inspired music video adds an element of marriage to the track’s message.
The Atlanta-bred rapper has mastered the art of implementing the native styles of both cities through his music. The grittiness of Detroit hip hop shines through Christopher’s demeanor and presence, while his sound has been influenced by the thriving success of ATL’s trap scene. Sean Christopher’s “Way Up” is a testimony to his versatility and ability to camouflage into Hip Hop’s continuous evolving flavor while maintaining his unique resolute artistry.
Take a look at the — visual below.


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