September 30, 2022

R Kelly Talks Allegations, Aaliyah, and the Media in “I Admit”

 R .Kelly tells his side of the story in latest nineteen minute release, “ I Admit.” Though the song title may seem like a confession, the majority of the record is sung in a familiar defensive tone about being set up.

In parts of the record, Kelly talks about: specific allegations (including the woman whose parents claimed he kidnapped her); the late, great, Aaliyah who he used to mentor and was briefly married to; mistakes he’s made over the years, like having multiple girlfriends and sleeping with his girlfriend’s best friend.

Kelly has been accused of everything from sexual coercion to leading a sex cult to physical abuse. Kelly has repeatedly denied the allegations and on the explicit record he asks that the media just stop stressing him, let him do his music and to age gracefully. If you haven’t checked out the record listen below.


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