June 27, 2022

Malik Rose Drops “Imagine Forever” Album

In an industry where many rappers are more focused on their persona than being honest, Malik Rose’s Imagine Forever is a breath of fresh air. His transparency on this project gives the listener the full gamete of his experiences. From talking about daily concerns and how he copes in “Smoking Session” to expressing his feelings towards his son’s mother in “Passion” interlude, Malik bares heart and soul in forty minutes and eleven tracks.
“Imagine Forever” paces like a feature film with an enticing intro which moves into introspection then evolution before reaching it’s resolution. Just because this artist goes deep into who he is, don’t think there aren’t some absolute bangers on the album. “Hustle Like You Broke”, “Iron Mike” and “Pull Up” definitely balance things out. With only two features, the special guests Rasoeul and Chris Deep, complement Malik’s deep and melodic voice on their respective tracks.
If you’re looking for that authentic Hip Hop, look no further than “Imagine Forever”.

Imagine Forever- iTunes

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