March 27, 2023

Chance The Rapper Drops “4 New Songs”

The wait is over. After some initial back and forth on whether or not Chance the Rapper would be dropping a new album, Chance finally decided to release his first four new releases of 2018.

Chi-town’s very own Chance the Rapper, surprises fans with a collection of songs via SoundCloud since his late 2016 ‘Merry Christmas Lil’ Mama’ mixtape with Jeremih which followed his most recent solo project ‘Coloring Book’.

His latest collection “4 New Songs” consists of tracks titled, “I Might Need Security,” “Work Out,” “Wala Cam,” and “65th & Ingleside.”

In his introduction track called, “I Might Need Security,” the emcee demands the resignation of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. For this record, the Chi-City rapper eliminates his usual singy-songy cadence and features fellow Chicago rapper Supa Bwe: who is also featured on “Wala Cam.”

Concluding the collection is track “65th & Ingleside.” A relatable track for struggling rappers — the ones who struggle to make it in the industry forcing their loved ones to pick up the slack while they dream chase. As the record goes on it seems as though It’s also an extended apology to Chance’s new fiancée, Kirsten Corley.

Chance is currently working on a full-length project with Kanye West so until then check out his latest four song EP release below.

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