December 4, 2022

Chimeka Is Back With More Artillery In Her Latest Video “Champagne Showers” (Watch)

After her successful social events in Chicago like "Dont Do Coke" and "Pizza And A Movie" Chimeka is back on the scene with a venegence to give you CHAMPAGNE SHOWERS!!!

Chicago female artist Chimeka is known to have one of the best marketing teams in the city. Some may even remember their most recent marketing scheme “Don’t Do Coke” where she had an industry mixer in the city and sent out her rsvp with bags of cocaine lol, although they were props it made the event that more interesting.

This time Chimeka is back with more artillery and a real movie in her latest visual for her single “Champagne Showers” it gives that karate movie vibe with the subtitles and captioning, but Chimeka shines bright with her lyricism through this song so take a listen and watch after the jump.

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