December 4, 2022

ADN Exclusive: Dae Jones takes a crack at “Nice For What” Remix (Watch)

Dae Jones returns with "Nice For What" her remix of Drake summer time banger listen.

Yeah! Drake had a good few verses but Dae Jones kept it real 100 on her latest remix to “Nice For What” giving a shoutout to all the hood n*ggas who holding they own. This has to be one of her most efficiently lyrical songs ever punch line after punch line.

The visual added to her idea as well, she shows her hometown city of Chicago pulling up on some of her close hood n*ggas even Mikey Dollaz gets a cameo in the video. This continues our narrative that she is one of the city most underrated female artist yet, soon the people will wake and give her a crown as one of the best new artists.


This for all my n*ggas in the hood, that got a bankroll and they baby mamas good. Smart Lil B*tch so her head real good, she be going round and round like the lil engine that could.

Follow Dae on Instagram: @DaeJonesMusic_ & @SadeVsDae

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