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Scotty From Girlz District Releases visual for “Black Out” (Watch)

The time has come for Chicago, to flood the industry with its share of female rap artist.

It looks like Scotty is the next to blow and join the likes of new Chicago talent Dreezy, Chimeka, and Tink to name a few. She has just released her latest video “Black Out” which is for any music artist who feels like the label isn’t paying them enough. Be on the lookout for her debut mixtape also titled “BlackOut” dropping March 24th, right here on AllDatNoise.comScreen Shot 2018-03-21 at 10.49.05 AM

Scotty brings such a different style to the rap game, but she also stays rooted to the female rap artist that have come before her. With such a good team and great quality work it shouldn’t be long before she is a household name.

Follow Her on Instagram: @EmcScotty 

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I was born on the south side of Chicago, I am a music enthusiast. I created Alldatnoise in order to give young music artist, fashion designers and milennials a uncut platform to advertise their talents.

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