August 8, 2022

Mixtape Review:Vonte Drops a bomb with his latest mixtape N.I.G.G.A

NoiseMaker Rating (8/10)

After listening to the lyrical prowess of Chicago artist Vonte, I would say that he is definitely on the rise and capable of separating himself from the competition in Chicago.

Vonte uses various samples and blues to battle the highly controversial social climate of today. His music places you in the mindset of an everyday warrior or samurai set to inspire and educate his people.

This is for the leaders and the KINGS of the new “WOKE era” that can relate to the struggle of the black man that can be felt from hip hop battle cries to unique ad-libs throughout the track.

With creative interludes and skits used during this mixtape, Vonte’ gives you a view of both the stereotypic NIGGA and the N.I.G.G.A that people in the culture could be.

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